Membership Categories

Fellow – FISAP
Full – MISAP
Associate – AISAP
Student – no acronym

Membership Criteria

1) Fellow (FISAP)
Fellowships are available to anyone engaged in a full membership who is qualified to a minimum of a Bachelors Degree with Honours level in a subject related to their activity. Fellowships may be granted on application to unqualified individuals who have made a significant contribution to their area.
Annual membership fee: £ 60

2) Full Member (MISAP) 
Full membership is awarded to anyone engaged in a regular activity related to animals, either on a voluntary or paid basis.
Annual membership fee: £ 40

3) Associate Member (AISAP)
The Associate Membership is open to anyone who is not studying or engaged in an activity, voluntary or paid, but has an interest in animals.
Annual membership fee: £ 30

4) Student Member (no acronym)
Student Membership is open to anyone of school age or anyone of any age who is undertaking a course of study (full or part-time) related to animals or an animal profession.
Annual membership fee: £ 12

5) Corporate membership (CorpISAP)
Corporate membership is open to any animal related group, association or business (voluntary or commercial) that promotes animal welfare and individual membership of the Society.
Annual Fee £160
Fellows and Full Members should contribute an article of interest annually to our Newsletter which is published on our website.

Area of Expertise

The area of expertise or employment that a member is engaged in will be denoted on the membership e.g. John Smith FSIP (Train)
The list is not exhaustive and other special areas of interest can be added on application. Examples of areas of expertise or employment are:

Rescue – (Res)
Conservation – (Cons)
Education – (Edu)
Keeper – (Keep)
Trainer – (Train)
Behaviourist – (Beh)
Veterinary – (Vet)
Veterinary Nurse – (VetN)
Non Veterinary Therapies – (NVT)

Apply for membership

If you are interested in applying for membership please download this PDF form and fill it in.